18 FEB 16

Mix Downloads

Due to popular demand, for a limited time, you can download MP3 versions of some of the classic Animanimix mixes as well as some other 80s and 90s stuff. The current batch is below. More files will be available later.
- animanimix v2: The Archive Mixes - zip 130MB
- animanimix v3: 1996 - zip 131MB
- animanimix v4: The Archive Mixes - zip 131MB

01 JAN 12


More mixes available on my Mixcloud page.

27 DEC 08

Three mixes you can listen to:

- In Tangible Evidence 3: Architecture - mp3 59MB
- In Tangible Evidence 4: Structure - mp3 74MB
- In Tangible Evidence 5: Atmosphere - mp3 75MB

25 DEC 08

Update in progress. More to come.