ezwerk is the alias for me, Ernesto Pérez, a multi-media designer specializing in print and interactive design as well as music production. ezwerk was started in 1992 in Champaign, IL where I was a student at the University of Illinois' Fine Arts program.

Since then I have produced work as both a freelance graphic designer and as an employee of various entities. My work has ranged from web sites to publications and game interfaces and identity systems. My clients have included nightclub promoters and djs from around the country as well as local and national game developers.

While ezwerk started out as a solo project, on occasion, its ranks have been graced by other creatives over the last twenty years.


I believe in having fun. That being said, I also like to stray from the norm and am considered a habitual linestepper. My work, while at times gives a nod to more tried and true ways of looking at things, always represents the look and feel of what's currently turning heads.


You can follow these links for more information on what this is all about.

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